Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More about Asia!

I have got friends complaining that all I talk about is food. Asia, afterall, has much more to offer. So I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Elaine for her constructive comments. Also thank you to siewkian for perfecting the concept of bak kut teh with chinese tea. And finally thanks to momo for her support all this while. Ah... It sounded so much like a speech after receiving an award. Well, it certainly felt that way for me. Afterall, it is really a maiden voyage for me to launch into the journey of blogging.
But like Shie Lin said, I tend to be long winded in my blog. This is because I have so much about Asia that I want to share. Not only the food but life and history, arts and culture, opportunities and economy, jokes and politics.
That is why I am starting another blog. I can't promise a consistent production, but I will definitely share my lots with you.

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Hello... Asia!

Namaste! Ni Hao! Apa khabar? Sawadika! Salam! Annyeonghasaeyo? Genki Desu Ka? Seen chaw! Kohomadha! Tashi Delay! Vanakkum! Mingalabar!