Monday, November 26, 2007

Love is a many splendid thing...

What is love? Why some people believe love equals to suffering? Why people believe you have to sacrifice to show how much you love a person? Why must there be tears when you are supposed to be happily in love? Why some people say love means giving and why some other people say love means having? Why some hope for a big bang or electrics flying while in love? Why some people expect love has to be shown? Must we shout out our love? Or must we keep it? All I can see and I feel all it implies here is that love is a very personal and individual feeling and perception that we gathered from our environment. What we needed from love and what we gave in love depends on what and how we learnt since infancy. And of course the meaning of love will change constantly as we discover and rediscover ourselves as we walk along these lives of ours.
Many people broke up because they say they lost the feeling. Many people got together because of a moment of chemical rush that was propagated in the dramas as “the real deal”. We learnt too much from the idealized movies and dramas that we forgot what love means to us personally. We dream and fantasized about the “overly hyped” moments and feelings that we forgot how to live in the real world.
For me, love is simply a path I took to explore the inner me and of course a path I took together with my loved ones on mutual discoveries and respects. It isn’t easy to remind myself everyday that every action and word meant a stroke, a scribble or a doodle on my book of life. But I want to say “I love you” everyday and I want to mean every word I said. Do you mean what you say?

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