Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My little green cocoon

I have recently moved to a new place. No big garden or open space, but tiny little balcony for all my plants. Luckily they managed to fit in to the new place, so I still get to enjoy a little bit of green in the busy city.
I manage to grow a tomato plant. The flowers kept sprouting but no fruit in sight. I finally lost patience and took the plant out, as it is attracting pest like aphids and flies.

And this! My dad bought me a pot of rose from Cameron Highlands. I thought I have no luck in flowering plants, but I guess she likes it here. She has never stop flowering and still going strong even when I was away for a few days without watering. But I did my own research too. Give her lots of water. I practically soak her so that she can stay cool. So for those that thought their hands could never grow anything, follow Edison's motto. Never give up!

This is a plant from a fruit I have brought from Penang. The fruit is called "Pao Teh". The fruit itself is very strongly fragrant but mildly taste. I think it is called pao teh as the aroma reminds you of a good tea experience. Not overpowering but lingering aromatic. It was the fruit that prompted me to attempt planting it. They came out beautifully, but very slowly. Hope it will grow to be a fruitful tree.

Ah.. This is another plant my dad bought me when he was in Cameron Highlands. "Ji Tin Jiu" - sky-pointing chili. I have to harvest it every month as the plant kept growing chilis like there is never tomorrow. For any interested amateur planter, chili is the easiest plant to grow. Just spread some chili seeds in a pot and you can see results in a week or two. Make sure you water them daily and voila. No need to get them from the markets anymore.

Japanese potatoes are so beautiful. The fruit is interesting and the leaves are even more so. I bury the potato into the soil and they sprouted in no time. But becareful not to let them run wild. These plants are so fast, I almost have another escape route via potato plants in the balcony.

This is local sweet potato plants. They are really quick to grow. No wonder people in the olden days eat potatoes to replace precious rice. I was hoping to find new potatoes when I dig them up 2 months later. Alas, it was just potatoes (castles) in the air.

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