Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beautiful Spring - Prologue

“Hello. How are you? I am fine.”
I learnt these when I sent my daughters to pre-school. In actual fact, I may not be so fine after all. What can I say, I’ve been long dead since 1991. At least physically I am dead. Acknowledgement of my physical existence has long been replaced with memories. Memories held by my family and friends. Fond memories, I am sure for I have spent my life as a god/karma fearing person. I’d spent my life abiding social norms. I’d stuck to Confucious’ teachings. I have never done unto others what I didn't want others do to me. Yes, I know about Confucious eventhough I am not highly educated. This has been my life values: Be a good daughter and sister before you are married; Be a good wife and mother after you are married. I followed through them all. Anyway, it is through these fond memories that I am able to relay to you my life story.
I was born a girl to the Lee family in 1949 at an island called Leng Kee, which is slightly off the coast of Bagan Panchor, Pantai Remis, Perak. My parents were Hokkiens originated from Eng Chun, China. I was the second among six brothers and sisters. I was named Beautiful Spring in Chinese. But because my parents were worried that my birth might incurred the wrath of jealous evil spirits, I was also named Ah Kan, which means maid in Hokkien. Never had I thought that names could have such a big impact on my life. Sigh... never!

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