Sunday, August 12, 2007

New addition to my family - Guppies

I love water plants, but with our tropical weather, it is prone to aedes mosquitos breeding. So I have been trying very hard not to have any water plants. But I have recently obtained some from my company's gardener (with his permission, of course). This is a version of the money plant. Easy to maintain type of plant, where you can either plant in in soil or water. Moreover, I have picked up rocks and corals from the Port Dickson beach. How can I resist from such perfect combination?
I gave in to my desire and got myself a beautiful bowl. But after I had the plant for a month, I found mosquitoes kept laying their offsprings in my bowl. I do not want to use chemicals to spoil my plant or the earth, just to kill the larvae. So I have this - tada.... My 5 brave little guppies.
3 males and 2 females.
These are clear water fish. Beautiful and easy to rear. Now that I have combination of sexes, they can actually breed to produce more little beautiful guppies :)
But what I didn't expect was how intelligent these little cuties are. When I came back home and started calling guppy, they will swim towards me. No, I wasn't feeding them or knocking on the glass. They can really hear and know that I am calling. Hope I am not hallucinating :P

This is the best photo I could manage, as I could not use flash or the glass will reflect when I capture, but if I don't use flash, the fishes are too fast before my camera can capture them. Sigh... naughty little things!
p/s: Will update you when there are baby guppies. hehe..


Pinky said...

Bad news! One of my guppy is missing. I suspect my little cutie has been abducted by birds, as I lay my plant out in the balcony. Now I have to bring them into my living room. Hope my 1 little guppy rest in peace :(

Anonymous said...

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