Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby 106 : Can I touch you there?

Yea... Sounds dodgy right? But you'll be amaze how people might think that it is alright to touch your stomach, just because you are pregnant. Hello... I can still sue you for sexual harassment ok! What?
Being pregnant does not equal to "U". My body is not open for public viewing. Got that? So stop staring at my stomach. Look at me when you are talking to me.
And stop asking me when I am due! I don't know you at all.
What do you care if it is a boy or a girl? You can't make any difference to it anyway.
Stop giving me advice. I will seek one, if I need one. Nobody wants to know about your horrid birth experience. You are not comforting me, you are scaring me.
Give me a break. I am still me, besides the carrier of the baby.
Don't ask me when I am going on leave. You think I love to stay here, if I can be somewhere else?
I look tired? I look terrible? Hello, try carrying one and go through all the backaches and headaches. Try going through all the breathlessness and numbness. Try going to toilets umpteen times day and night. Then you come and tell me.
I am so sorry. I know you meant good, but sometimes I just need you to leave me alone. It isn't me that's cranky, but the hormonal surge isn't helping. So please forgive me for lashing it all out here. I just need an outlet.

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