Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't let go...

My fellow human dwellers of the earth;
Is the current economic situation hogging your mind, bringing your spirit down?
Are you feeling hopeless and wished you have more?
I am thankful that I can breathe easily now.
My fellow human dwellers of the earth;
Is the cold and unfriendly world giving you shivers, tearing your heart apart?
Do you think the world has no more hope?
I am thankful that I can see clearer now.
There are many things that could happen to me any minute now,
But I am thankful I am still able to source my own supply/happiness.
Things may look gloom,
But even if there is just a glimmer of hope,
Don't let go...
Coco Wang is a comic strip artist that has created a blog on paying tribute to many heroes and sacrifices that we were not sure we were capable of.
The incidents in China is heartbreaking, and at the same time inspiring. Thank you for giving me hope. May you be well and happy..

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