Monday, May 27, 2013

Dearest papa

Dearest papa,
It's only been 4 months, but feels as though you've been gone a long time. Missing someone is so difficult to live by.
I miss you so much. I am glad we managed to spend many happy moments together, but it is so difficult to live through the days and not to be reminded of you, because you formed such big part of my life. Everywhere I turn, there are memories of you and me and the girls. At times when I wish to share my joy or vent my frustrations, I wish you were still here.
But I know leaving may be one of the best release for you. Your loving and trusting heart is too good for the world. I hope you could let go and leave in peace. There may be things you'd planned and looked forward to in life... but since destiny took a turn.. I hope you leave without worries or unfinished business.. Life afterall will never end. It's a cycle that kept going and going. Just as I remembered the most important lesson you taught me : Life must go on!

I will papa.. In my fondest memory and remembrance of you. I will go on living. Live a life that brings meaning to your existence. Happy father's day..
From your ever loving daughter,

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