Friday, November 08, 2013


Been reading books on pyromania.. many of which later developed into psychotic individuals... wonder if it is actually the same for all human being.. there is a fire within.. only a matter of who can suppress them and who can't... probably those indulgent to their own thoughts or feelings may tend to succumb to the fire easier than those who are used to live within those rules.. or is there?
Destiny is torn into 2 very different aspect here... a person destined to be a psycopath nomatter what, because they are born to break the rules, and have less control over their urges?... a person deliberately choose to break the society's mould and live by their own rules and thus destined to be outcast?... Destiny.. nomatter if it is by choice or allowing ourselves to be taken over... Still termed as destiny?
Wonder what or where I am/have destined my own path? 
Do you want to be sure of your own destiny? 
I prefer to keep it open..
If anyone can really be sure, it is because he has declined all options and potentials around him..
And in my case, this is the only option to keep me sane..

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