Monday, November 11, 2013

Made in malaysia..

Rambutan... A fruit named after its hairy features (rambut stands for hair in Malay). It is real sweet that planting a tree in your garden means inviting red and black ants. These are red rambutans, there are also yellow rambutans. They are green in colour and turn red/yellow when the fruit is ripe for consumption.
Then we have Queen of Fruits - Manggis or Mangosteen in English. It is sweet sourish in taste and cooling in nature. Why queen you asked? You see.. durian is hailed as the king of fruits for its impactful taste and properties, but it is extremely hot in nature. Whenever there is a season for durian, you will find he is paired with the queen as mangosteen will help to balance up our body temperature.
Take care not to stain your clothes with the mangosteen purplish red juice, as it won't go off.

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