Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY: Grip Socks

I have trouble looking for reasonably priced grip socks for older children, that is if you can find them. A lot of times, grip socks are catered mostly for younger children. Those that I managed to find are not cheap and the designs are not worth the price.
Then my friend showed me the many pinterest sharing of DIY grip socks. I decided to try on my own. However, because most of these craft sites are from US, I found it difficult sourcing for the similar material brand they use. Even if I do find them, many a times, they are expensive to start with.
Many crafters use Tulip slick paint or puffy fabric paint. I found none. But alternatively, I discovered 3D fabric paint. An 11oz tube cost me RM7+ in Art Friend (The Gardens Mall). I bought 2.
It is my first time trying this craft. I'd say it was really easy and fun. Just draw whatever you like at the bottom of the socks and let it dry for 24 hours. I finished 2 pairs in less than half an hour. I am already having ideas of naming the socks and/or letting the girls do it for themselves.
Have fun trying!

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