Sunday, March 15, 2015

For the peace of me and happiness of my gal

Since PM started school, I started to detect that she is a right-brained user despite she writes and eats with her right hand. Math concepts seemed a bit elusive to her. Although I do not expect her to become math genius, but I do not wish for her to feel defeated by math. She can master it with the right method. But having us both exhausted after a whole day of work to sit down and discuss math?
Conclusion: Left-brained mom to teach right-brained daughter math = Disaster.
I lose my head most of the time, although I know fairly well that her learning methods is different from mine. I needed more guidance, if we want to trod through this situation happily.

Then I found this in one of the websites that facilitate teaching to the right-brainers. The book seemed interesting with the colours and pictures.

And so my journey of book searching begins... Local bookstores are kind of hopeless, be it online or offline. Amazon is expensive after conversion and shipping. MPH quote me quite an exorbitant price. I was about to book myself a ticket abroad to hunt for the book (no-lah... just exaggerating to create more reader interest hihihi...), when I came across . The homepage looks simple, but they are able to source the books and quote me a more reasonable price than my previous searches.

I think the effort to bring in more channels to source for books and improve the reading habits in Malaysia is really commendable. We need this.. Our minds are too constricted. Not only do we read very little, even access to variety of books is limited. I hope more of such effort could open up our perspective, not only in books, but life too.

Now I am waiting for the arrival of those books and hope my sessions with PM will improve moving forward. Will update you with review of the bookurve services as well as the books' effectiveness. Stay tuned but not so soon (I am a working mom with no maid and juggling work, home and children. I am not seeking your understanding. I am telling you to deal with it!).

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