Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Recipe: Cabbage Soup to warm the body and cleanse the heat

I have just discovered that cabbage has huge recovery properties in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) context.
The benefits include:
  1. Moisten the intestines and prevent constipation
  2. Improve circulation and alleviate joint pain
  3. Clear toxins and good for skin

I decided to cook this for family dinner:
  • 1 head of chinese cabbage (some also call nappa cabbage) - torn to bite size pieces
  • 1 chicken bones
  • 1 head of dried cuttlefish
  • 1-2 thumb of ginger, smashed
  • Red dates, stoned
  • 1 grasp of wolfberries (goji berries)
  1. I prefer to tear the vege instead of cutting as tearing will maintain higher moisture content of the vegetables
  2. Cover the chicken bones and cuttlefish with water and put to boil
  3. Put in the red dates, ginger and cabbage
  4. Once the soup came to boil, lower the temperature to let it simmer until the water reduce by 1/3
  5. Switch to fire to high, put in salt to taste and wolfberries (If you put wolberries too early, it will turn sour)
The kids finished 2 big bowls full of vegetables. 

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