Sunday, November 16, 2014

My share of sustainable living

I am not much of a health freak, but I do believe in sustainable living. What is sustainable living? It is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's carbon footprint on the earth. Carbon footprint?? That means limiting use of resources and thus reducing waste.
Commercial farming leave behind much chemical substances that not only destroy the environment, but our own health. I think the best prevention of illness is maintenance of good health.
Therefore, I believe that such efforts like organic farming should be supported in order to support the idea of sustainable living. That brings us to Terra Farm vegetables.
I came across this delivery system through this blog =>> Terra Farm

I ordered mine through one of the drop-off point representative. Being my first time, the rep was kind enough to teach me how to keep the vegetables fresh in the fridge.
Do you know:
1. The vegetables should be kept separated in sealed bag or wrapped in newspapers
2. As these are organic vegetables, you will find ample of snails and caterpillars. Remove them before storing them in the fridge as the snails will remain active, even in the fridge (amazing)
My box came with 5 snails like the one above.

I bought the smallest box of 2 kg weigh of vegetables.

The first layer on top looks like this

The 2nd layer at the bottom looks like this

These vegetables are ready for storage after I have repackaged them
4 heads of bok choy / siew pak choy
200gm / 1 packet of mixed seafood (sold in frozen food section)
1 thumb of ginger (shredded)
1 tsp of japanese soy sauce (why because it has mirin in it - good to counter the fishy smell)

1. Heat oil and fry ginger till fragrant
2. Throw in the seafood, followed by bok choy
3. Stir till the vege soften 
4. Add in the japanese soy sauce at the side of wok so the fragrance is evaporated into the mixture.
A thumb of ginger or 3 cloves of garlic (minced)
Either oyster sauce or fish sauce
Vegetables as you see below
1. Heat oil and fry ginger/garlic till fragrant
2. Dump in carrots, aubergine and bok choy stem. Fry for 30 sec
3. Throw in the rest. stir stir stir...
4. Circle the sauce around the wok and stir some more.
btw: If you like your aubergine soft instead of juicy-chewy, boil before you fry.

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