Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You are still pulling my heart

12 November 2014.. I found the song I lost in 1994
It took me 20 years.. 20 long years to find the song he dedicated to me before he left. How does it feel to be left for good? It feels unfinished.. Incomplete.. As if the person is not deserving of love. More so when it is the second time. Not their choice.. Life is short.. But it is not my choice that life has to go on..
He particularly love this song and wanted me to share it with him.. We never said a word.. Leaving our feelings within our hearts.. thinking time will tell us what to do.. not knowing time has other plan for us..
He spoke to me last before letting go of this stage... He was happy.. I was content.. Though shock as I was..
Life has to go on.. I kept it buried within my heart.. Never letting go of the memory and the song.. But I am not Chinese literate.. looking for this song was particularly difficult as no one seemed to pay much attention to this song.. I try buying every single album I encounter but never finding this song.. People doubted if I remember the song correctly.. I know what I heard.. It is etched in my heart..
And today I finally found it.. 20 years makes no difference.. It still hurts...

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