Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why do we live?

It was 2 days short of PM's 6th birthday. We were travelling up north to hold a birthday bash for her with the whole extended families of uncles and aunties. She sat at the back of the car, quiet with her thoughts. Then she called out to me and ask me, "Why do we want to live in this life? We live, we get old, then sick then we go to rainbow (our version of death).. What's the point of living?".
I was caught by surprise. Did not expect this question so early in her life..
My meaning of life is to be happy. How? By being useful. When we contribute to the society and made other people's life meaningful, we will attain happiness. And that happiness made living worth it.
I hope she could share and understand my meaning. Or she may have to search her own. I hope it will turn out fine.

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Hello... Asia!

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