Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby 103 : The numbing effect will go away when the drilling starts

Whoever said that you will glow and enjoy your pregnancy must be really selfless. I am no angel. I felt so miserable having to give up so many things so early in my pregnancy. For goodness sake, I have a lifetime of giving up to do. I wish people around me would give me a break now before I lose the opportunity to choose what’s left of my choice lifestyle.

Top 5 things I hate:

  1. Forbidding me from certain type of food – Doctors have already assured that any type of food in moderation is ok, but not according to all the sudden new dietitians/experts around you.

  2. Forbidding me from handiwork – Being independent soul that I lived for, it is very frustrating to be ordered to stay put and not allowed to get my hands on to any handiwork.

  3. Forbidding me from moving freely – I am free spirited. I walk fast with a hint of skip when I am focused. I jump when I am in joy. I love stretching lazily when I’m on bed. And now I have to walk, sit and lay down like a snail.

  4. Forbidding me from my emotional release – I am a direct person. I am passionate and my feelings shows for everyone to see. But now, I am told to stay calm so that my mood will not aggravate the baby.

  5. Bodily changes that deny me my true self – I became so tired all the time. I used to be energetic even if I have not had a wink for the past 24 hours. Now I could simply doze off while reading a book, even though I have just woken up less than 2 hours ago. My mind is in constant fogginess that I need time to respond to queries. I became dumb!

No wonder everyone says mothers are selfless. They are because they were forced to. Trainings start from day 1 the announcement on pregnancy was made. And so the drill begins.

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