Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby 104 : You think you'll get used to it. Think again!

Do I sound like I am scaring you? Sorry, not my intention at all. But it did shocked me many times over and scare me once in a while.

What do I mean? As your body hormone changes, many things occur outside your control.
  • I get nose block that disturb my sleep.
  • I get very bad lower back pain that sometimes getting up is such a task.
  • I get severe headache that lasts for days.
  • I get so tired that I could just doze off, even though I had enough sleep.

Some people said I am lucky I did not have morning sickness. Maybe yes, but I believe those other problems would have fully compensated the commonly suffered morning sickness.

Then when I was 4-5 months, I went travelling. They say this is the safest time (the 2nd trimester). But I had dizzy spells. It came like a whirlwind of hot air from bottom of my feet and shot up to my head in a nick of time. My knees buckled and I automatically lost balance. Never had this kind of feeling before. Real scary experience.

The second time I felt that dizziness coming, I tried to take deep breath as I thought oxygen should help. The moment I drew in my breath, I almost lost consciousness. Scared me the second time.

Luckily, I didn't suffer that again thereafter. I supposed it is the wind in my body that makes me nauseous and dizzy. But I was really thankful, Aunty Har was there beside me when it happened. Or else I would have fell from the stairs. Bless her!

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